We are an innovative family business

The roots

As he had been active in the field delimbing for decades, Ernst Jordan many years ago looked for ways to get the process done mechanically, without doing any harm to the tree and above all to the sensitive cambium. Many ways were tried and rejected, until finally the machine emerged, which could ensure the desired performance even in permanent tests. With the prototypes developed by the Jordan family, some 200,000 trees have already been delimbed. In the meantime, the entire family has already been engaged in the second generation and has now founded advaligno GmbH with complementary partners. In the long term, further developments, adapted to the most diverse needs of tree species and geographic regions, shall ensure the success of the advaligno products.

The name

Nobody inside advaligno has any doubts, that our first product, the PATAS will be a striking success. Nevertheless, a name had to be found, to describe best the philosophy of the company as well it could be expressed by a self-explanatory logo. So, on the one hand the term “wood” had to be included and on the other hand the innovation spirit had to be expressed. In a few creative sessions our team generated the two components of our brand name. “adva”, derived from “advanced” as an expression of our claim for advanced and innovative technology and “ligno”, derived from the Latin word “lignum” for wood led to a name, that we feel really comfortable with: advaligno. The logo combining a technical element (the cogwheel) liaised with a green leaf (our green is similar to the beautiful green of young larch needles) also emblematises what we are standing for: Advanced technologies in forestry.

advaligno GmbH
Heidorner Str. 81
D-31515 Wunstorf

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