Mechanical high delimbing systems

Revolutionary standards in delimbing | faster – higher – saver – more efficient!

advaligno is presenting a system for the mechanical delimbing of live trees to produce high-grade wood, which really must be called revolutionary. Final tests are finished, we just started sale …

Previously, for delimbing in heights above five meters, only tools and methods that require complex and strenuous manual work with a lot of personnel were used. Now the advaligno PATAS, named after the fastest climbing monkeys, is offering a solution which is designed to redefine timber stand management worldwide. The PATAS can be used for delimbing trees to achieve a much higher efficency and a strongly increased value of your forest. Or you use the PATAS as a small-sized harvester. In most cases you can obstain from expense use of a harvester or the manual delimbing after felling by delimbing your trees early enough on the first 12 – 15 meters!

Casestudy PATAS

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Forestry experts, who already experienced the PATAS in action came to the end »The selection of the future crop trees must be completely rethought as soon as this machine is available!« With cost reductions of more than 70%, considerably more trees can be delimbed than, as usual, only every seventh to tenth. Forest owners will be able to dramatically increase the value and yield of their forestry by growing branch-free timber. Service providers are given a tool to carry out their work much more efficiently and more gently for the workforce as well as for nature. So, in the future it will be called more and more often: »High-grade wood instead of firewood!«

We ease life for forest owners

Our mission is to fascilitate suppliers and forest owners easying up their life by providing tools for more efficency and economic viability. As a family business we emphasise on transforming our long lasting experience in forestry into innovations with high usability for our customers. This is expressed in or brand name “advaligno”. “adva” derived from “advanced” and “ligno” from Latin “lignum” for wood. More about us.

After extensive testing and optimization, we started production and are currently offering our PATAS. More about PATAS